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Let's face it, your marketing may suck. Perhaps you aren't attracting the right people. Maybe you are almost broke and ready to quit....DON'T. You just need to re adjust.

I need you to read This 👇 before going any further. It will be worth the 2 minutes


Rarely do I make public promises on social media but this one i'm 100% confident in if implemented. YOU CAN REACH 10,000 + PEOPLE A MONTH WITH YOUR MESSAGE USING THESE STRATEGIES without going broke!
Stop wasting your money on marketing campaigns that suck.
" Yeah, but Jordan i've been learning marketing all over and it's still not working!" I've tried:

  •  Random Courses
  •  Seminars
  •  Youtube
  •  Online Groups
And yet, your marketing still isn't effective? 
So what's the missing element? What didn't the gurus tell you? How come "Some" marketing is working while yours is flopping?

Maybe, just maybe, a few people know the new ways while you're still paying for yellow letters....

On average my marketing can reach more than 10,000 people a month for FREE while i'm spending time doing shit I actually enjoy.

It wasn't that long ago I was writing letters till my fingers blistered and bled. A seller actually responded once and said he got my letter with blood on it 😰. I almost went broke driving for dollars, sending out letters/postcards and paying for expensive lists. Here's the good news, it doesn't have to be like that. I finally had a 💡 moment and made some changes. FREE changes at that.

I'm sure you're thinking "Oh boy, here it comes. The Sales Pitch. 😩

The "secret formula" from some Montana hick."

Nah, not my style.

In fact I truly believe this isn't for everyone. Our industry needs people doing it the old way.

If you are in real estate i'm assuming it's because of the following:

  •  You truly have a desire to change your life
  •  You want to travel
  •  You want to have MORE fulfillment in life
  •  You need to spend time with your friends and family
  •  You want to do shit outside of real estate that you enjoy

Those are all good reasons! Mine were similar. I started real estate because I rarely got to see my wife and she was getting pissy! (shhh, don't tell her I said that). So why in the hell is marketing so damn hard? We have good intentions...we want to help people but attracting them isn't easy. Why are all the gurus teaching content that's 30+ years old? In writing this I tried to find someone else teaching real estate marketing this way and couldn't. 

Huh.... Imagine that.
I'm doing this marketing Domination course because i'm sick of my news feed 💣blowing up💣 with "my marketing isn't working" posts . If that's you, listen up. This course is for those who are failing at marketing in real estate. People who are not getting the results they want. 

It is NOT for people who believe they know it all and are unwilling to learn new tactics. 
Here's what I'm teaching.
  • THE PROBLEM: Your marketing isn't working because most of it is 33 years old and everyone else in your market is doing the same thing.
  • SOCIAL: You need to become the influence in your market. The GO TO person in real estate. This involves branding! I'll show you how to get there.
  • SEDUCING THE GATEKEEPER: Yep, you heard me right. The Gatekeepers have everything you NEED. I'll explain what I mean and how you can leverage thousands of contacts.
  •  LEVERAGING THE BONEHEADS: I'm sure you can tell i'm not a fan of the traditional ways of marketing. But does that mean you discard them? No, in fact you create a machine. I'll show you how.
  •  BONUS : Some of my favorite tools to make this all easier
Typically these workshops range between $1,000 and $5,000 but i'm doing Market Domination as a personal passion for only $297.00. As a guarantee, if you implement these systems the way I teach and DON'T get results I'll give you your money back and personally apologize for wasting your damn time. 

"But Jordan...I'm BROKE! I don't have enough money to eat let alone invest in your methods with this academy." I get it, and you will continue to be broke if you keep marketing the way EVERYONE else is. Radical change requires radical change folks. Go sell something out of your closet or mow a few lawns. I can't make that choice for you. If you are fed up with the same results I invite you to join me.

PS: While we're at it, how about two of my favorite interviews that I've done. Access to these calls are usually $297.00 a month. Today they are $297.00 each FREE with this academy.

Jason Williamson Interview.

Jason has one hell of a story. In fact, he went from piss poor to creating an agency doing well over 7 figures a year. He shares his story about struggle all the way to success.

Johnny Moore Interview

I brought Johnny Moore in because I greatly respect his hustle. His ability to overcome and triumph inspires me. It wasn't always like that...Enjoy hearing his story.
What are people saying about my methods?


"Jordan taught me that doing the same marketing that everyone else does doesn't get you far. You must be different and you must stand out in the crowd. You must catch their attention to get their business"


"Jordan taught me that Creative Marketing is the only way to compete against traditional marketing. Why? Because EVERYONE does traditional marketing."


"Jordan taught me to build quality relationships with people in my community instead of just throwing up bandit signs that get taken down.."


"Jordan doesn't market, he starts movements"
PSS: This also includes access to my new exclusive marketing group for FREE.  We will be continuing the conversations and sharing what's working . My groups are usually $97.00 a month but with Academy it's free.
Market Domination Academy & Lifetime Access to my group
One time Payment.
  • MARKET DOMINATION $1,000 $297.00
  • 📚How to dominate on social Media
  • 📚How do Seduce the gatekeeper
  • 📚How to leverage all the boneheads
  • 📚Tools I'm Using
  • Bonus Interview with Jason K Williamson $297.00 FREE
  • Bonus Interview with Johnny Moore $297.00 FREE
  • Private Group for marketing - $97.00 / month FREE
Today You save $1,394
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